All THAMMA products are certified organic and have undergone strict control procedures. We meticulously source our organic ingredients, teas, herbs and spices, ensuring safety and traceability from field to final product.

Organic ingredients guarantee that our final products do not contain synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or preservatives, and the use of exclusively organic ingredients is especially crucial when it comes to teas and herbs. This is because non-organic leaves may be directly exposed to unwanted substances, enabling any substance present on the leaves to make its way into the waterand ultimately, the final beverage.

Organic farming is universally beneficial, as it supports ecological balanceand safeguards our earth’s resources by improvingboth soil and water quality.


THAMMA was created with the purpose of benefiting people with the nourishing power of nature through its herbs. Hence, it is our duty to aid in protecting the environment as gratitude. To deliver on this promise, we meticulously select raw materials exclusively from organic farms that follow environmentally friendly practices. Furthermore, every element of our packaging is 100% recyclable. Through these measures, we pay our respects to our planet and its nature for the precious goods they provide.