At THAMMA, we are committed to sourcing the finest organic raw materials for our products, which we control and approve through strict quality control procedures.

We exclusively choose whole leaves fromorganic teas and organic aromatic herbs, which we then gently crush and blend. We never use low-quality fannings or dust, in order to ensure optimal quality and full taste for our infusions.

THAMMA haspartnered with local small-scale organic farmers for the provision of our aromatic herbs. We source our Gunpowder green tea from China and our Assam black tea from India.


We meticulously conduct strict quality control procedures to monitor the quality of our herbs, teas and spices. We confirm that each product meets our high standards for quality, nutrition and taste, by performing several laboratory and sensory tests on all of our ingredients.

Throughout each stage of our production process, we follow specific procedures toguarantee that all the beneficial properties of each ingredient will be incorporated into the final product. The crushing, blending and packaging of our ingredients takes place under predefined conditions to ensure that they maintain their specific quality characteristics.


At THAMMA, our products contain 100% natural ingredients. In other words, we create herbal infusions containing only real teas, herbs and spices, straight from nature.

Our herbal infusions do not contain any artificial flavorings and fragrances, since such ingredients lack nutritional value and create unnatural flavors.

We strive to offer our consumers products that are rich in flavor and loaded with nutrients derived from real ingredients. In fact, the sweeter notes in certain THAMMA infusions come from the natural sweetness of select herbs and spices present in our blends such as carob, a Cretan superfood, and licorice root.


If Cretan nature is the heart of THAMMA, then our Research & Development department is the mind and genesis of all our products.

Crafted by a curated team of herbalists and tea specialists, our herbal in fusions have been studied to follow the contemporary way of living throughout the day. We meticulously select the ingredients of each blend since we use herbs, teas and spices that have complementary beneficial properties, and matching these taste profiles is key to concocting a final blend with full taste and of high nutritional value.

For THAMMA, new product development is a creative and meaningful process through which we can offer the finest, most innovative and nourishing products to our consumers.