Aromatic herbs have been present as key elements of Cretan diet since antiquity. Today, Cretan aromatic herbs are widely used by modern Cretans, playing a vital role in promoting longevity and good health.

The diet of native Cretans is heavily based on agricultural products such as aromatic herbs and edible greens. Cretans use these aromatic herbs to enrich the flavors of homemade dishes and make warm, herbal infusions. The daily consumption of such herbs is fundamental for energizing and nourishing the body and mind.

Besides physical health benefits, herbs and herbal infusions have properties that canreinforce mental health. Consuming a warm herbal infusion provides clarity and vitality, while promotinga pleasant mood. If you ever find yourself on a leisurely stroll through a Cretan village, pausing at one of the charming local taverns for a warm beverage will be enough to create a moment of happiness and true bliss.

On the island of Crete, good health and wellbeing are based on the traditional diet and healthy lifestyle of the local inhabitants ~ a way of living worth pursuing.